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The Juice Box Bully

The Juice Box Bully: Empowering Kids to Stand Up For Others - Bob Sornson, Maria Dismondy, Kim Shaw

The Juice Box Bully is a book to empower children to stand up to bullies rather than being a bystander. Pete is a new student in Mr. Peltzer's class. He bullies the other children from stealing their soccer ball to squeezing juice onto Ruby's white shirt. Instead of letting Pete get away with his antics, the students step up. They learned that Pete was bullied by other children at his old school so he starts bullying other children before they can be mean to him. The students tell Pete about 'the promise' they made to Mr. Peltzer. Pete later apologizes. 


An after activity in the classroom of any grade could be the students and teacher creating their own 'promise' for when they see bullying happening. Together, the students and teacher can sign the promise. 


AR Level: 3.2