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How Full is Your Bucket? For Kids

How Full Is Your Bucket? For Kids - Tom Rath, Maurie J. Manning, Mary Reckmeyer

Are you a bucket filler? What does that mean? How Full is Your Bucket? For Kids is another great character education book about kindness. We all have invisible buckets that dictate how we feel; we feel great when it is full and we feel awful when it is empty. How Full is Your Bucket? For Kids follows Felix as he learns to fill the buckets of his friends, family, and teachers through interactions. Along the way, he learns that by filling others' buckets, he is filling his own bucket. 


There are so many activities to do with this book. This is a book that should be read during the first few weeks of school to create a positive classroom environment among the students. In my classroom, I would have the students come up with ways to be a 'bucket filler' and ways to be a 'bucket dipper.' I would have the lists displayed in the classroom as a reminder for students to be a 'bucket filler.' 


AR Level: 2.4